CWA Local 9509


Ballot Count Day Result 03/06/15


Election Results

CWA9509 Report 

Melinda Hawkins 141
Chris Roberts 247
James Lucero 114

Executive Vice President
Tosha Broadnax 255
Bob Borunda 126
Enrique Valencia 112

Aturo Medrano 34
Orlanndo Gonzalez 167
Daniel Neighbors 118
Rudy Rodriguez 149

Vice President
Carlos Munoz 211
Darryl Sykes 168
Jeanette Robinson 143
Frank Lopez 107
Francisco Barrios 94
Roger Pena 86
Charlie Saucedo 67
Sergio Velasquez 19

Executive Board Member
Mike Heyenga 246
Cassie Beach 228
Abigail Becker 189
Ed Luna 182
Ricardo Becerra 152
Mike Parry 140
Veronica Manzano 131
Carmen Menera 118
Cristina Hall 118
Anthony Catanese 113
Angela McGaff 107
John Marti 107
Jesse Arana 104
Emily Cacciapaglia 104
Craig Moyer 103
Matt Faye 103
Margo Pabalan 101
Greg Morales 93
Solita Kampley 79
Liz Deroulet 22

More information to come next week on the Run--Off Election.

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